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                                         Infrastructure – Equipment

                                Wholesome of professional, household paper


Velvet has been established since 2010 in a privately owned building located on Legaki Street in Agios Ioannis Renti.


It’s offices and storage areas are located on the ground floor of the building while the production area extends both to the ground floor and the 1st floor.

Velvet has been modernized with the latest machinery that have high production capacity. At the same time, the machines are programmed and properly checked by special software that serves both the accuracy of the production process per production line and also the continuous monitoring of the process for its proper execution.


In terms of logistics, the company operates autonomously, covering its needs both in storage areas and in the distribution of its products by own means of transport, which serve the distribution within Attiki. For shipments that conclude other prefectures it uses transport companies located a short distance from its headquarters.


At the administrative level, Velvet has long exploited the technology of computers and computer networks, using ERP software system for both the commercial-industrial department and the accounting department and its financial services while at the same time, utilizing modern internet technologies for its communication needs and financial transactions. 

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