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Production Organization

                                                                                 Production Lines 

Velvet has full automated production lines which are adapted according to the production needs of its products.

Thus, the flexibility of the production process is important and has been maximally exploited.


                                                               Raw materials

Our raw materials come from selected Production Units of countries of the European Union as well as from domestic producers with whom we cooperate for many years and have the same philosophy as us. We pay special attention to their quality and apply sample quality control upon receipt.


                                                               Quality control

Quality control is systematically applied to all stages/production lines of VELVET following specifications that we have defined in collaboration with both the manufacturers of machines and with special engineers who have made the relevant studies and provided us with the appropriate training.


                                                        Packaging – Final product

The packaging of our products is designed by our experienced partners, graphic designers and manufacturers according to the specifications we have defined and are integrated in our production process per production line where they are applied in an automated way to the finished products. Thus, as is customary in every modern unit, no human hand “enters” anywhere and everything is done automated and with full compliance with the rules of Hygiene and Safety.


Watch the video of the Production process

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