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                                         Corporate Responsibility


At VELVET TISSUE HELLAS PSAROUDAKIS from the first day of its operation, we applied the strictest environmental protection standards that we adhere to daily at all levels: from the basic level of material recycling to the level of saving and using clean energy.


Thus, we recycle materials that are not intended for consumption or excess from our production process (relays of raw material, packaging, etc.) by carefully collecting them, packing them and transferring them to special bins in our area and then delivering them to certified Recycling Units.


The energy we use for our production process is currently exclusive electric while the regular maintenance of our machinery contributes to the rationalization of consumption and the reduction of pollutants.  


Finally, we are already studying-considering a significant investment in the use of “green” energy with solar panels that will not burden the environment at all and will ensure at the same time a significant part of the energy autonomy of our company. 

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