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                                                               Short Historic


Velvet was founded in 1987 by its today’s main shareholder, Konstantinos Psaroudakis.


In it’ s first years of service, the company was housed in rented facilities located both in Tavros and Agios Ioannis and started its production, with toilet paper being its main product. 


Consequently from 1992 to 1997, it expanded its production activity on products like napkins and kitchen rolls while, at the same time, strengthening its administrative organization and operation with suitable, contemporary, state- of- the- art computerized equipment.


In 2010 the company acquired privately owned facilities, located near their former headquarters, in Agios Ioannis Rentis, where they are located and operating until today.


At the same time from 2008 to 2012, it designed and introduced in its production process new products, namely industrial stationery.


In 2014 the company significantly modernized its equipment, investing in high-tech machinery and software, with the aim of increasing its productive capacity and introducing new quality products, which will then create new production lines.


Since 2015, Velvet has strengthened its workforce with the active participation of two more family members, who after being properly trained in all operation procedures, took on responsibility for the organization and operation of key sectors of the company such as Management and Production.


Today, Velvet operates competitively in its filed, aiming at its further and continuous modernization at both administrative and productive level, while creating the conditions for the expansion of its network of sellers and customers and by enhancing its awareness and openess in new markets.

Our company..

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